In response to continuous inquiries from people in other cities, the Urban Ecology Center Institute was formed to share the vibrant model developed in Milwaukee. With three distinct branches in different neighborhoods of the city, the Urban Ecology Center connects people in cities to nature and each other.

Excitement about the model arises from the following impacts:

  • increased academic performance of kids,
  • improved health and safety in our parks,
  • an explosion of community engagement,
  • added green space and ecological healing,
  • impressive economic investments in underserved neighborhoods in the city,
  • and a strong non-profit business model.

The Urban Ecology Center Institute was formed!

The Institute is our way to share our 25 years of trying things out, testing, failing, trying again, and in time perfecting a model that we have proven to work.

Through the Institute, since 2018, we’ve hosted participants from 30 cities in five countries around the world: 22 cities across 16 states, 5 cities in Mexico, and one city each in Pakistan, Colombia, and Israel. We began offering online training in 2020 and plan to continue with multiple online and on-site options. View the Intensive link below to learn about our next training in March.

There are six ways in which we share our model

The Book. Urban Ecology: A Natural Way to Transform Kids, Parks, Cities, and the World
Overview sessions introducing case studies of the UEC model – “The Intensive”
Focused Workshops and Classes
Guided Consultative Tours
Keynote Speaking
Customized Consulting for Your Organization

We use the Harvard-based case study methodology as our teaching approach. With three diverse branches in Milwaukee, each in a demographically distinct part of the city, along with an array of programs, the UEC Institute offers a variety of case studies to help communities everywhere. It would be impossible to walk away from our programs — reflecting on those case studies — without gaining important insights on how to activate the transformation of parks and neighborhoods in your own city.

Meet our faculty team

Come join us as we co-create a better world!

The Urban Ecology Center Mission and Vision

Mission: We connect people in cities to nature and each other.

Vision: Our vision is to inspire generations to build environmental curiosity, understanding, and respect. We restore hope and heal our urban natural world, neighborhood by neighborhood.