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The Urban Ecology Center™ offers 20+ years of experience in neighborhood transformation, which we are thrilled to share in this online Intensive. In this interactive online course, we will cover the intersecting themes of transforming kids, parks, cities, and the world.

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The next training is scheduled for March 2023!
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Since 2018, we’ve hosted participants from 39 cities in six countries around the world: 31 cities across 22 states, 5 cities in Mexico, and one city each in Canada, Colombia, Israel, and Pakistan. Nearly half of these participants have joined us on site in Milwaukee since 2018.

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Who should attend?

Creative problem solvers, city leaders, and educators — from the public, private or non-profit sectors — who are committed to educating and inspiring youth, revitalizing urban green space, or are seeking solutions to renew disinvested neighborhoods.

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Outcomes of this Intensive

  • Thorough understanding of the Urban Ecology Center model
  • Tools to help you reflect meaningfully on how the model can benefit your city/project
  • Expanded network and ongoing support from other community leaders
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What you will experience

  • Interactive sessions with small-group breakouts
  • Focus on real-world topics
  • Explore place-based environmental community engagement, volunteerism, social justice, and more

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Through interactive online sessions with small group break-outs, leading members of the Urban Ecology Center’s path-breaking staff will guide you through sessions on real-world topics such as place-based environmental community engagement, systems thinking, volunteerism, equity and inclusion, organizational structure, business planning for non-profits, partnership building, and program evaluation.

You will see how practical tools can expand your work, with numerous opportunities to learn from each other in the group. You will be a participant in a co-learning space rather than a passive recipient of scripted content.

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Online sessions will be followed by an optional Q & A session, and every group that participates can qualify for a follow-up hour of coaching with Institute leadership. Through the case studies presented, and assignments given, you will explore how a foundation of urban environmental education weaves into a transformational process that increases student academic performance, improves the health and safety of parks, expands community engagement, heals the land, and still more!

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The Urban Ecology Center™ Institute is an effort to share the model developed in Milwaukee. With three distinct branches in Milwaukee, the UEC connects people in cities to nature and each other.