Faculty Team

With decades of accumulated experience, including designing programs from the ground up, the Urban Ecology Center Institute team will help you envision and realize the transformation your community needs. We start with a clear mission to connect people in cities to nature and each other, and extend the mission to your city and nature in your neighborhood.

Ken Leinbach

Executive Director

Ken has led the Urban Ecology Center since 1998, when it occupied a double-wide trailer in Riverside Park. He is an inspirational speaker and consultant, and a nationally recognized science educator and leader. He is the author of Urban Ecology.

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Pictured here (facing camera) in 2019 with participants from the summer Intensive in Riverside Park

Reach out to connect with Ken: institute@urbanecologycenter.org

Matt Flower

Environmental Educator and Early Childhood Specialist

Matt has over 15 years of experience as an environmental educator. On behalf of the Urban Ecology Center, he developed the Preschool Environmental Education Program (PEEP) for childcare centers, learning centers, preschools, special needs classrooms, and inter-generational facilities.

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Reach out to connect with Matt: institute@urbanecologycenter.org

Chris Young, Ph.D.

Project Manager of the Urban Ecology Center Institute
Professor of Biology at Alverno College

Chris has been teaching biology, natural history, evolution, climate change, and science education at Alverno College since 2000, partnering with UEC staff on numerous projects. He joined the UEC Institute team in 2017. Chris has written two books on the history of ecology and environmental science, and is co-editor of two volumes in the history of biology. He earned a doctorate in the history of science and technology from the University of Minnesota.

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Pictured here (far right) with participants in the 2019 summer Intensive in the Menomonee Valley

Reach out to connect with Chris: institute@urbanecologycenter.org

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The Urban Ecology Center Institute is an effort to share the model developed in Milwaukee. With three distinct branches in Milwaukee, the UEC connects people in cities to nature and each other.