We offer customized consulting

Your success is our ambition

People in cities and communities around the world seek our counsel, not because we are experts but because we have done the work of transforming urban neighborhoods and seen success. We are eager to share our experiences with you, include you in this network of leaders and innovators, and learn from you.

Customized consulting is available to organizations that have begun exploring the UEC model by participating in a training Intensive or visited us on a guided consulting tour. We offer options for online consulting as well as arranging to visit your community, and we always welcome you to visit us in Milwaukee to continue the conversation and explore our model in this special place.

One of the really important and key ideas is about being on the edge. So, finding the edges, because that’s where ecologically the most interesting things happen.

Chris,​ Rochester Ecology Partners, Rochester, New York

I was able to explore an organization that is a little mature, has different committees, board, a leadership team and all of that.

Anusha, Trash-It, Kurachi, Pakistan

Contact us for details about how to apply for one of the limited customized consulting contracts we offer each year.

Features of the UEC Institute consulting contract

  • You may opt in for one of the four contracts available each year. Your organization will be a priority.
  • Contracts are available exclusively to organizations and individuals like you, who have completed an Intensive. We want to be sure you have the necessary background to dive in and make progress with us.
  • Join us for quarterly 90-minute one-on-one meetings when we can focus specifically on your opportunities, challenges, and next steps. These work sessions will strengthen leadership development and organizational growth.
  • As part of the commitment, you may submit documents such as mission statement, vision statement, strategic plan, and other material relevant to your particular program development. We review the materials, provide feedback along with advice and inspiration, and offer additional resources wherever possible.
  • Your organization can identify itself as a UEC partner, including use of the logo on your website and in promotional materials related to your planning for programming aligned with our model.
  • You receive discounted registration (50%) for up to three team members to participate in an online Intensive and one team member to participate in an on-site Intensive (if offered) during the consulting period.
  • Your organization will have a full-year membership in the UEC Institute Cohort Network, providing access to the latest training materials and examples of the UEC model and emerging case studies.
  • Together we will seek opportunities to present our work on the benefit of implementing the UEC model in environmental education, equitable access to green space, and community engagement in urban land stewardship. Venues may include publications and national conferences.
  • You can pay the consulting fee in quarterly installments.

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We are looking for partner organizations who are looking to strengthen their mission.

The Urban Ecology Center™ Institute is an effort to share the model developed in Milwaukee. With three distinct branches in Milwaukee, the UEC connects people in cities to nature and each other.